Industrial Property rights are one of the vital centers of a business firm. Why trademarks in your firm would not have their own software ?

A wide transparency, in the management of the Acting persons, in the accurate following-up of Status / Countries / Due dates / Devices / Life / Agents / Agreements / Accounts / Budgets / Records, enables you to organize your portfolio with a great clarity. The powerful questioning and editing capabilities of this software make of EPMARK a permanent visualization tool. The multi-criteria searches allow to obtain, on screen and printer, instant answers to questions such as :

A total security, the automatic control of deadlines in due time safeguards your rights, thatís why it is so important to perfectly master these time limits, whatever country is concerned. EPMARK , the easy to use specific management software which provides security, order, visibility and time saving is offered for a very attractive price, whatever your trademarks portfolio may be.

Beyond doubt, trademarks are a key of your companyís image. Can you afford to run a risk with it ?

EPMARK for Windows provides the possibility to boot automatically a word processing and an image processing software.

EP-PATENT for Windows interactive with EPMARK.